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Double Whammy for FishQuest!

“We were fishing in a wooded area of a little backwater lagoon off a main tributary,” said 44-year-old Gassmann. “When the lure hit the water, it just disappeared. The fish went straight to the bottom and started spooling my line. Immediately, the guide began jumping up and down and started yelling “Grande! Grande!”

In a fearsome struggle, Gassmann fought the river monster for approximately 12 minutes with his three-piece 6.9-foot G Loomis Escape heavy casting rod attached to a Shimano Curado 300E reel. Finally bringing the beast to the boat, the Iowa bass angler snapped a Boga Grip on it. On the IGFA-certified Boga Grip, the fresh fish weighed more than 28-pounds.

The colorful hump-headed fish measured 37 inches long with a girth of 25 inches, more than enough to beat the existing 27-pound International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record caught by Gerald “Doc” Lawson on 4th December 1994.

Three days later on a separate fishing expedition hosted by River Plate Outfitters, George Walters of Charlotte, North Carolina, caught his dream catch on his very first Amazon trip.

Once we made camp on a Rio Negro tributary, I knew this experience was going to be something incredibly special. We were met by the camp staff and taken to our floating air-conditioned cabins. Our guide, Bronco, helped us prepare for our expedition, select our tackle, and off we went.

At about 8:30 AM on the 12th of February, Bronco took us to a place no one had fished in years. He hacked a path through a small stream and into a large lagoon. Taking my Halloween-colored red/black High Roller 6 ¼” Rip Roller and tying my 65 pound braided line, Bronco exclaimed, "George!” He pointed, “There, make long cast. Big fish."

Using my Bass Pro Extreme Modulus XPS medium heavy action rod and Curado 200 E7 reel, I made the cast close to where he said and started to reel. "Faster, faster, faster!" We could see the wake in the water as the fish hit the lure not once, not twice, but three times. He was on and made one run, then another. As it got closer to the boat, we could see it was huge. It made it into the net with hooks bent but still holding fast.

As I got my camera, Bronco weighed the fish and stated it was a 16-pound Butterfly. “That can't be,” he continued “they only get to 10 or 12 pounds.” Not knowing what to think, I said I wanted to keep the fish, take it to camp, and verify the catch. Little did I know at the time, the enormity of what I had done by catching a 16-pound monster butterfly. The current International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record is 12 pound 9 ounces caught by Antonio Campa G. on 6th January 2000.

“This has been a remarkable experience,” says Judith Weible, Managing Director of FishQuest! “Every year, we book several hundred Amazon peacock bass fishing trips, but we never imagined two FishQuest! anglers getting pending world record peacocks in the same week.

To book one of these Amazon adventures or your ultimate fishing trip anywhere in the world, check out our web site or contact us at FishQuest 1-888-891-3474 or
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