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Amazon Obsession Aids Locals

The project began in 2011 under the joint initiative of Kalua and Pescaventura fishing and included volunteer physicians who visited the communities surrounding the Rio Madeira tributaries, Canuma, Sucunduri and Acari between July and November. "About 800 people were examined and treated," says Ian. "In April of 2012, we included another 13 communities located on the Lower Rio Branco. The Kalua visited villages on the Xeriuini, Jauaperi and Parana Amajau Rivers. After a week of activities with almost 600 patients, we refueled in Manaus, picked up a new team of health professionals and went on to the Rio Madeira and its tributaries, Sucunduri and Acaria rivers where we saw another 600 people."

In the second and third week of April, 2013, physicians and dentists interested in contributing their talents to the Doctors of Water project will again visit two regions, the lower Rio Branco and the lower Madeira tributaries, and another 1200 people in those communities. "No one involved in this project, organizers, houseboat, doctors and dentists, are charged a penny for their participation," explains Ian. "Many of the volunteers are fishermen who, after spending years as observers of the Amazon people, decided to participate in the project." The project already has a website (in Portuguese): and everyone can donate to the project. It is a good way for everyone to give back a little to the beautiful Amazon Basin. "Thank-you Larry Larsen for running this story in your Peacock Bass Association newsletter." Judith.

For more information on this project, contact Judith at FishQuest 1-888-891-3474 or e-mail
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