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Amazon Update: Big Catches and a Big Cat!

Bill Scarborough and his catch
“Great trip! We caught 993 fish -- with 82 over 10 pounds. We lost some monster peacocks due to the strength of these wonderful creatures.

“Service onboard was the best I have enjoyed in the Amazon. I’ve been on 14 Amazon trips and this was No. 1! Food was also delicious from appetizers to entrees. The yacht was very comfortable with air conditioning, DVD player, music and a waiter to make my favorite adult beverage!”

While Scarborough was enjoying the luxury of Capt. Peacock, Bill Donnell was watching his guide get dragged along by a ferocious peacock and was awakened in the night by a jaguar in his River Plate Anglers camp.

“On our third day fishing, we hooked a huge peacock. After fighting it toward the boat, the fish broke the line and dove into an underwater brush pile. Our guide saw the line floating in the water and jumped overboard, tied the line around his waist and disappeared under the water, recapturing the fish.

He quickly came to the surface yelling for the BogaGrip. We were lucky to have tied a Boga-Float to the tool and were able to throw it to him without fear of losing it. Our guide vanished again and resurfaced holding the line, as we all cheered.

Suddenly, the fish began to pull him through the water like a body surfer! We watched awestruck! Seconds later, the fish broke loose and we were left with no fish … but a great story!”

Bill continues:

“Returning to camp that evening, we noticed four dogs had joined us. Our guides said they came from an Indian village downriver. Sometime during the night, we heard barking and then what sounded like a big fight close by. My son leapt out of bed but in the darkness he could see nothing.

The next morning, I found dog and jaguar tracks not 10 feet from our door! I followed the tracks, and from their spacing, I could tell that they were running and other places where the sand was all torn up in the skirmishes we’d heard.

While neither the jaguar, nor the dogs, were anywhere to be seen that morning, our camp manager said that he would move the camp to another location.

This was an Amazon adventure I’ll never forget, as I ponder what may have happened if those dogs had not been there to protect us.”

Editor’s note: If you haven’t experienced your own Amazon adventure this season, we still have spaces available on both Capt. Peacock and River Plate’s camps. We are also now booking trips for the 2007-2008 season.
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