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New Color Changing
Shashimi lures!

Sashimi Bull
The 5 7/8” Sashimi Bull is a big game popper that creates a commotion on the surface to bring big fish in. Every time the lure is jerked forward to a “pop” it changes color. For those seeking an adrenaline rush that only top water strikes can produce, the Sashimi bull is perfect.

A rattle chamber has been added to make enough noise to annoy even the wariest gamefish into taking a swipe to shut this thing up! The bull also floats at rest. When you pop and stop, the fish are going to see the familiar look of live prey and swallow the thing before it gets away.

Sashimi Slider (floating)
This 5 ½” floating Sashimi Slider has an enticing surface “walk the dog” action which attracts fish from long distances. This erratic action imitates a wounded baitfish struggling on the surface. Equipped with Yozuri’s sound system, the chamber system amplifies the rattle sound, which is like a ringing dinner bell to a hungry fish.
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