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Feisty Pirarucu Stars
In Geographic Fish Show

Scott Swanson’s 15 seconds of fame involved hooking, fighting and landing a feisty pirarucu while the camera was rolling. While pirarucu fishing is now banned in much of Brazil, Mexiana Island’s captured breeding program has been so successful that fish there are now being harvested for market.

The NGS-TV show highlights the plight of freshwater behemoths throughout the world, and the efforts to save them worldwide. For example, a new study shows a species of Southeast Asian catfish actually migrates like salmon from costal waters into fresh waters to spawn. The new findings also suggest that related catfish species all over the world may be more migratory than previously thought. Conservationists warn that a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River in Laos could have a devastating impact on the river's many catfish species.

The Megafish project takes a stance in favor of catch-and-release sportfishing, as a means of taking economic pressure off the fish as a food source. In August, Hogan traveled with FishQuest clients Alan and Joshua Blavins to British Columbia’s Frasier River to fish and study monster sturgeon.

Other FishQuest “megafish” destinations include:
  • Texas (alligator gar)
  • Spain (Wels catfish)
  • Thailand (Mekong catfish)
  • Africa (Nile Perch and Goliath Tigerfish)

    The Megafish show is scheduled to air next year on the National Geographic Channel. To help support the MegaFish project or to join a trip with Zeb Hogan, please contact Scott Swanson at FishQuest.
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