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Rains Briefly Derail
Peacock Programs

While several other outfitters continued to operate come hell (figuratively) or high water (literally), FishQuest began the daunting task of rescheduling trips for dozens of anglers electing to accept rainchecks. “It was no fun having to call our clients on Christmas Eve to make them aware of the situation. Most of them already had their bags packed to leave December 26. I felt like the Grinch".

Still, given the choice between flat-out inconvenience and a scenario of dismal fishing conditions, everyone elected to reschedule for hopefully drier times. Our raincheck policy means higher operational cost for our outfitters, many hours of extra work for our staff, and potentially hundreds of dollars in airline change fees and visa renewals. Still, we’re all working with the same goal to provide a good fishing experience with better water levels.

While some clients understandably grumbled a bit at the situation, most were very appreciative to our ethical approach. Longtime, peacock bass angler, Steve Cihat rebounded from the initial disappointment to the write us the following note:

"Scott, first let me thank you for the call on Christmas Eve. Not that I wanted to hear what you had to say, but having fished high water conditions before, this was by far the lesser of the two evils. Not everyone in your line of work would have handled this situation the way you did…Again, thank you for your professionalism and your regard for me personally.
A past, present, and future customer,
Steve Cihat"

Thanks Steve, and everyone else who took the weather report in good stride and cooperated so well in the hectic rescheduling process. Hope your rescheduled trips produce few raindrops and only tears of happiness with lots of big peacock bass!
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