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Ultimate Amazon Adventure
Targets Brazilian Mega-Fish

As reported earlier, last December, we made a whirlwind scouting trip to a relatively unknown part of Brazil. Our 72-hour mission was to verify reports of some extraordinary fishing for pirarucu, which ranks among the largest freshwater fish on earth. While Mexiana’s fish seemed consistently loath to take artificial lures, the beasts in this new area showed no such reluctance. We hooked three and landed one of the megafish within our first hour of fishing.

Probing further into the jungle a day later, we came up an area that had v-i-r-g-i-n written all over it. In addition to pirarucu, we found abundant aruana up to 12 pounds, oscars, pacus and even some peacock bass. Our limited time did not allow for catfish, but later research told me there are lots of sport-worthy beasts just waiting for me next trip. Our results gave us to set up 12-week 2008 “exploratory” season, mid-August through October.

Die-hard trophy peacock anglers should not come with high expectations. While local boatmen tell us there are tucunare up to 15 pounds, we did not see any near that size.

But if you’re an adventurous, roll-with-the-punches angler wanting to be among the first to explore this untapped Amazon fishery, you’ll want to grab up one of the limited “invitation-only” spaces reserved through FishQuest. You don’t have to be able to pronounce pirarucu, or even aruana. Just ask about our new Ultimate Amazon Adventure, and we’ll know what you mean!

Over the years, I’ve made over 70 Amazon trips. If it’s any indication as to how excited I am about exploring this place, I plan to be there myself for at least four weeks this year. Scott Swanson
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