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Hiawassee, Georgia 30546

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Jigs, Jigs
and more Jigs

versatile, yet simple and they are one of the top producing subsurface baits when peacocks are not biting on topwater. They are also a terrific follow up on any missed strike.

We have expanded our line of Amazon grade jigs to give anglers more of a choice to fit all budgets. In addition to the ever popular Ultimate Peacock Bass Jig, we are now carrying SLevad Bucktail Jigs. Made by a Peacock Bass angler, for Peacock Bass anglers, these jigs are excellent, durable and a great value.

We also have Jig kits from four jigs to 36 jigs. Kits are bundled to provide a lower price than buying the jigs individually. QuesTackle staff will pick a selection of colors or you can specify which colors you would like in your kit.
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